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Diamond Spread - Graphic

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Diamond Spread - Spice-Up

Diamond Spread - Impress

Inspired by the fall colors outside my window, this template consists of diamonds in a grid on the bottom of the slides.

Cat Silhouette - Slide Graphics

Here is the cat graphic from my cat silhouette templates in a high-quality PNG form with transparency for you to use in your favorite presentation software.
Download Slide Graphics

Cat Silhouette - Spice-Up

Spice-Up version of my cat silhouette template.
Download Spice File

Cat Silhouette - Impress

In the spirit of spooky season I thought I might venture out of my abstract backgrounds and tackle a cat silhouette. The silhouette was completely created in Impress; as such, colors can be changed as usual and all that editable goodness from the master slide.

Lines and Dots - Slide Graphics

Use the Lines and Dots background graphics in your favorite presentation software. Download the full HD (1920 x 1080) PNG below.